About Us – Heating and Air Conditioning

In August 1985, Craig Gatling took the entrepreneurial leap of faith and entered into a two-year associate degree in Occupational Studies program for Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC), technology on the advice of his father, Willie Gatling.  He encouraged him to continue his education, but also have a trade to full back on, just in case.  A few weeks later, while watching television, he came across a commercial for HVAC training and decided it was a great combination for him; mechanical and also engineering.

Three years later he started a four-year degree program where he received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering. After working for a few large engineering groups and also HVAC companies, Craig decided it was time to start his own heating and air conditioning business in 2009.

Like so many American startups, True Mechanical Heating and Cooling started in a basement.  The only money the company had was a credit card with a limit of $3,500.  Since, True Mechanical was a one-man show at the time, that $3500 would be all that was needed.  Craig’s business plan was to attract his customers through word of mouth, some advertising, and hard work to make the first impression an effective one to retain loyal customers. 

He started delivering to his customers rock-solid customer support through the repairs and installations of air conditioning, heating, and heat pump systems at reasonable prices coupled with outstanding “small town” support.  This is still True Mechanical’s business model.


Today, Craig Gatling is still the CEO of the company but is cultivating and is recruiting a dynamic executive team, including an office manager, to continue work on his beloved company. Together, were proud to offer an unparalleled level of quality and service to those seeking an affordable HVAC solution.

Getting back to his roots.  In 2018, Craig’s business moved from the basement of his home and joined a work-share space community, AEI StartUp Factory, who focus is to assist small businesses grow and thrive via collaboration and technology. 

True Mechanical now offers a full selection of indoor air quality, heat pump systems, variable frequency drive solutions (VFD), straight direct expansion, split and package air conditioning, heating, and geothermal options.

The company offers a full-service department, full installation department, comfort consulting and our engineering group that is able to put together any one system design.  To top things off, we have a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to keep our customer’s home investments in warranty compliance.  Last, continuing education and intense training coupled with our world class distributors, Bryant and Carrier, will afford our members to stay sharp.

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